Godís ďpartĒ
     The personhood argument teaches that a human being either attains worth by reaching personhood or has that worth bestowed on him by another person. If you become self-aware, you attain value. If your mother loves you, you attain value. This reasoning actually makes perfect sense except that it leaves another person out of the picture. God imparts value to everything he makes. He is the source of value.
     All of life is interaction with God. Everything you do and say reflects your relationship to him. Everything you have, even life itself, comes from him. Every time you interact with anyone or anything, you interact with God. Your entire life is a relationship with him. You think thoughts that he already thought before the foundation of the world. You live in a world that he dreamed up. In everything you do, you talk to him and relate to him through the things he made. 
     God is the beginning and end of every decision you make. First he decides what decisions are even conceivable to your mind. Second he decides the standard to judge your decisions, right and wrong. Third he decides whether or not you accomplish your decisions. He doesnít have to accept your answer.
     God didnít put you here for your purposes, and thatís a good thing. Logically you would have no purpose unless he made you, and he wouldnít make you unless he already had a purpose for you before you were you. Only the creator of all things can create value, and only the source of value has the sovereign prerogative to determine what happens.
     God made you for himself, not for you. This might sound disturbing if you imagine that he intends something bad for you, but if he is the source of all value, he can only do good, and his purpose for your life is better than yours.
     This world tells you to put your hope in the idea that you can do anything you want, but thatís obviously not true. You canít always get what you want. If you really want to be happy forever, you should rest your hope in the truth that God will do with your life whatever he wants. He will have anything his heart desires.
     In your eyes, your life might appear insignificant, but in reality God accomplishes the greatest things that you could ever imagine. Rest in the assurance that he knows whatís best for you, and he will surely accomplish his perfect will for your life.