all things predestined
     God gave you exactly the right personality, talents, and abilities to accomplish his will for your life. He put you in the right place and time with the right circumstances so that you would accomplish exactly what he wanted. He knew how you would act, how you would feel, what dreams you would have, what career you would pursue, what jobs you would have, and what desires you would accomplish. Just by knowing what he created, he knew what everyone would do for every second of every minute of every hour of every year throughout the whole of human history, much of which is yet to be fulfilled. All the days ordained for everyone were written in his book before one of them came to be. Psalm 139:16
     For every situation there exists one potential outcome. If you know all of the factors going into a situation, you know the outcome. The universe is a vast, complex system of causes and effects, but for God there are no surprises. For God not to know the future, he would have to be unaware of what he made.
     From our limited perspective, we see many possibilities, but God sees the one that will really happen for every situation so that whatever would happen is the only possible outcome, and there was a 100% “chance” that it would happen that way.
     Where then is free will if all events are predetermined? We have it in our minds that if God has full control, we cannot have free will. We think that in order for God to give us freedom, he must lose an amount of control.
     It would seem to us that we could have one or the other; either the Lord orchestrates all events, or man has free choice. Instead we have both. From eternity past God predestined all the events of your life according to his own sovereign will and independently of you. Nevertheless all of the choices that you make happen according to your own will. My point here is that one enables the other. God’s sovereign plan enables your freedom.
     Nothing happens unless Jehovah allows it to happen, and he doesn’t allow it unless it serves his purposes. I do not mean to imply that he is happy with all the choices that we make. His command will allows us to choose things that he does not like. He holds us responsible for the choices we make. Nevertheless he is happy with the outcome of all our choices, because he works them toward his purposes.
    This is a tricky issue: the issue of God’s sovereignty versus our responsibility. Anytime we face this issue, we must use this guideline; God is 100% sovereign, and man is 100% responsible.
     It would seem like a 50/50 situation, but we must remember that our relationship to God is not a relationship of one god to another. We do not share the same essence. We do not have the same independence. This is a relationship between an infinite Creator and a finite creature. 
     When God chose to create the universe, he made a decision independent of the universe. When we make choices, we make them within the universe that God made for himself. His reality is our reality.