Outline of Topics
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Chapter 5: Life
who you are
God’s “part”
all things predestined
   the pro-life view
     the image of God
     human evolution
   one life against another
innocence lost
Chapter 6: The only Basis for Ethics
Part 1
1- The Source of All Value
2- The Story of the World
3- Truth or Neutrality
4- Choice
5- Life
6- The Only Basis for Ethics
7- The Culture War
8- The Real Solution
9- The Law
10- Suicide
11- Euthanasia
12- Eugenocide
Part 2 (of 3)
13- Love
14- Reconciliation
15- Letting Go
16- Set Apart
the first step
defining good
revelation or experience
pragmatic ethics
sanctity or quality
the two views