The new law
     Everyone knows the old law, but few have the new one. The old law is called the law of “works.” The new law is the law of “faith.” Jesus fulfilled the old law in his death and brought in the new law with his resurrection. He gives the new law to his children and only to his children.
     Under the old law a man and woman base their relationship on conditions. Do this; do that. I do my part; you do your part: 50/50. I’m putting this much in, and I want this much out. Follow the rules to stay together. This is the law of works.
     A man who tries to earn a relationship can only lose. The harder he tries, the more his faults show through. Even if he gets what he wants, he really only has his conditions. He will not know what it’s like to love a person.
     Under the new law a man simply acknowledges that his wife is a gift from God. He does not try to earn her friendship, and he does not make her earn his. He does not try to earn what he already has. He loves her simply because she is his wife. This is the law of faith.
     He can only win. He works on a relationship that can’t be killed. He trusts God to make him a better husband. No matter how tough things become, God will work them out. Bad conditions cannot hurt his love, because he loves a person, a human being.
     He considers her worthy of his efforts, because she is the one for him. She has an imputed worth, given by God, not earned by her works.
     He appreciates her works, because they reflect the person that she is, not because they earned her a place in his heart. He appreciates her efforts, because they come from her. Her works are special, because she is special, not the other way around.
     I hope to make this clear. This man loves his wife, because he sees her as a gift. Whether she does good things or bad things, she is the one for him. At no point did she earn his love. She never ever ever needs to earn his love.
     The most beautiful thing about the new law is its focus on a person. A man can fail a thousand times, but his failures cannot destroy the bond between him and his wife. He does not need to know how things will work out. No matter how impossible the situation seems, he knows that God will make it work. He might not have the rules figured out, but he knows the person who makes all the rules.