Hope for any marriage
    God put you together. He will work things out. The counselors teach you how to make your marriage work. Donít do that. The anxious feelings and frustrations come from trying to do Godís job for Him. He will hold you together. It will be a testimony not to your efforts, but to Godís grace. He gets the credit.
     Your job is to get to know the person that God gave you. Focus on the person, not the behavior. Do you feel like youíre drowning in the problems, the irreconcilable differences? Some day you will laugh at those problems. They canít touch you. The conditions are not the relationship. You married a person, not a set of conditions, and your marriage is built on the Rock. Next time you look into this personís eyes, remember that this is a real person, someone with a soul, someone who was made to live forever, someone that Jesus died for.
( more to come for chapter 13 . . . )