The sovereign matchmaker
     What if a man marries in direct disobedience to God?
Is that marriage binding? Some people insist that God cannot be in that marriage. To them, I say, you cannot outdo the sovereignty of God. Even in direct defiance, you fulfill His purposes.
     Look at Samson. Samsonís parents told him not to marry a daughter of the Philistines. Jehovah told the Israelites not to marry the daughters of other nations because of their evil ways. God told him not to. Certainly God was not involved, right?
     Do you know our sovereign Lord? Do you suppose He watches helplessly from above? Jehovah brought this woman into Samsonís life. He knew that Samson would find her very attractive. He knew that Samson would disobey the commandment. He gave her to him. God ensured the marriage. He put them together for His purposes.
     This woman was a Philistine. She was off-limits to an Israelite. An Israelite and a Philistine were unequally yoked. She was exactly the right person for Samson.
     What reason then should a Christian man not marry a nonChristian? Hereís the reason. God told him not to. What other reason does he need?
     If a Christian man marries a nonChristian, he disobeys God. Any man who goes to such effort to disobey God in the presence of others makes us doubt whether he is really a Christian. Perhaps they do have the same faith. The marriage is still binding, but we need to hear him say that he was wrong to disobey. If a Christian marries a nonChristian, he denies his own faith, but God will use the situation to wake him up and bring him to repentance. She is exactly the right person for him.
     My brother met a girl that seemed like the one for him. She was a church-going Catholic, but she had not accepted Christ as Savior. She was doing what most people do, trying to earn her way into heaven. This was a test from God to see if my brother would trust Him.
     My brother decided that he would not date her unless she first became a Christian. Out of faith, he waited for God to work. God, sovereign as He is, drew her to Christ. Today she is my sister-in-law.
     Now suppose if he had married her first, and later she became a Christian. Some people might wonder why it matters. To them I say, why do something the wrong way when you can do it the right way? Whatever reason you have for disobeying God, it must be a bad reason.
     God wants us to obey, and He blesses us for obeying, but His plans do not depend on our efforts. We need to stop focusing on our faults as if they could hinder His plans.
     When a coupleís marriage gets rough, God will get them through it. He put them together, and He will keep it that way. They do not rely on their own efforts. They are under the new law, the law of faith.