(3)  Do we get value from God?

     Many people point to God as the source of value. In Exodus 3:14, God refers to himself as “I am.” He told Moses to tell his people that “I am” had sent him. If God is the self-existent one, “the first and the last,” he is the source of all value.
     From this perspective, we hold value for the simple reason that God made us in his image. There is something about God that is in us. Each of us is a finite being with infinite value.
     God gives us all the information we need, but we’re still limited in knowledge. At best, our thoughts are a subjective representation of the objective truth. The human mind can fully comprehend the truth of something as much as an increasing number can reach infinity. We fully comprehend nothing. No, we don’t even fully comprehend “nothing.” “Nothing” can confuse us.
     Subjectivity is not a bad thing though. Objective and subjective are not “good” and “bad.” They show a relationship. My feelings reflect something objective. My knowledge of something objective is subject to the tools I use to gain it. The next chapter will be a breeze. I promise.