The Cosmos
(2) Do we get value from the cosmos?

     Letís look to the cosmos to find the value of life. If the cosmos is, as Carl Sagan said, all that exists, it must be objective: independent.
     Unfortunately, even if the cosmos is everything, it cannot talk to us as one person talks to another. The facts know nothing. They depend on us faulty humans to come looking for them.
     If anything, the cosmos tells us the opposite of what we want to hear. When we look to the stars, we certainly see something vast and beautiful, but if this is all that exists, it is cold and impersonal. It offers no hope for the soul.
     Carl Sagan once commented on the idea that if all the life in the universe were confined to one planet, it would be an awful waste of space. I agree that life holds more value than dirt, but the cosmos did not tell me so. Nor did it tell Carl Sagan. I know who told him.