What to look for
     People need the same thing, but they don’t all look for the same thing. A typical man seeks a woman for how she makes him feel about himself. He treats a relationship like a pride trip. He asks, is she good enough for me? Is she nice enough? Does she respect me? Does she return my favors? What does she do for me?
     A Christian has a deeper question. Rather than wondering if she is good enough for him, the Christian asks, “Is she the one?”
     A Christian man pursues a person, not a set of conditions. He looks for the kind of personality that connects with his own. Certainly he cares about character and maturity, but those things change as people grow. The woman he seeks will grow in character and maturity, but the essence of who she is, remains forever. There are things about her that change, but there is something about her that cannot change: her unique identity. He pursues the actual person, the essence of who she is and always will be.  
     Most importantly, Christians have a vertical relationship. Unbelievers act as gods interacting with other gods, but Christians live under the guidance of one God. He puts people together for His purposes. No one acts outside of His sphere of influence. 
     A Christian man seeks a person that his Father already chose for him. God uses all of the circumstances to bring them together, and when the time comes He lets him know that this is the one.