The purpose of marriage
     When we think of love, we think of marriage, because marriage is the ultimate, the most intense relationship, a collision of two worlds into one. From the time we were young, we saw in our parents an example of love. A father and mother demonstrate to their children a picture of the most powerful force in the universe.
     Marriage plays a central role in the health and happiness of any society. Not everyone marries, but everyone benefits from the stabilizing influence of marriage. A society that respects marriage is a strong, healthy society.
     The purpose of marriage is to bend us and mold us into better people. It forces us to grow. Itís fun. Itís exciting. Itís scary. Itís painful. It points us above to a standard so high that we can only hope to get a little closer to it during this brief lifetime.
     The Bible says that an earthly marriage of a man to a woman reflects the marriage of Christ to His church. God says that He is a husband to His people. A man then loves his wife with the love he learns from his Lord, and he pursues her as Christ pursues His bride, the church.
Ephesians 5:25-33, etc.