Ultimate Truth
      Ultimate truth is both the starting point and the conclusion for all knowledge. It is the foundation, the basis, the source, the reason and the answer for everything. It is all of the pieces put together.
We need one unifying truth that makes sense of all things, or nothing makes sense.
     Itís easy to see where the dichotomy came from. Humanists have two standards. On the one hand they want to be their own standard for personal matters (moral relativism). On the other hand they want the cosmos to give us neutral facts (naturalism). Either way, we have a disconnect between us and our reality.
     Theism corrects the problem by showing that God is the source of both us and the cosmos. The cosmos reflects Godís eternal power and divine nature while we reflect his personal qualities, his mind and will, and his love. This does not answer all of our questions, but it does point to one unifying truth.