3 categories of knowledge
     perception          category          characteristics       question

1-  faith            =      religion       =      doctrinal     =     would
2-  reason         =    philosophy    =       logical       =     should
3-  experience   =      science       =       factual       =      could
Chapter 1:
The Source of All Value
Faith and Reason
3 categories of knowledge
where value comes from
the cosmos?
The battle continues
     You use three kinds of perception, three “tools,” to create and develop your “painting.” Faith starts the picture by determining what is central. Reason applies your faith to the different parts of life. Experience checks your picture against the real picture.
     We can split knowledge into three categories. These kinds of knowledge differ, they relate, they depend on each other, and they even seem to overlap at times.
     Each action that you choose points to these three kinds of knowledge. You consider, “Would I do this,” “Should I do this,” and “Could I do this?” When you act out your decision, you answer all three questions at once.
     The western world used to understand the relationship of religion, philosophy, and science, but more recently we have treated them as unrelated or even contrary.
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