Love is the key
Love forgiveness reconciliation
     If God looks beyond your sins and loves the person you are, He will require you to look beyond the faults of your mate and choose to love the person you married.  
     This is a commandment, not a suggestion. The gospel requires it; “husbands, love your wives just as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her.” A man knows if he loves his wife the way that Christ loves the church. Many relationships come and go, but marriage is permanent, because it reflects the love of Christ for his church. Ephesians 5:25
     I could give the best methods for overcoming conflict, but all is in vain if I don’t give a reason why you ought to. God gives couples all the resources necessary to be happy in their marriages, and they divorce anyway, because they don’t see an obligation. 
     Here is the choice. You can either show this world a hope you have in Christ, or you can be part of this world.
     Whatever you value determines your works. If you love reconciliation, you do what it takes to attain it. If you want a way out, you put your efforts into that. 
     The key is love. Love forgives, and forgiveness seeks reconciliation.
     God does not owe his love to any sinner, but any sinner whom God chooses to love will be reconciled to God. Not a single sinner whom God chooses to love will escape reconciliation.
     Love is the most wonderful, most necessary thing in life. Love is God looking beyond all the sinful things I did against Him, and accepting me with arms wide open. I cannot imagine something more wonderful than this: Jesus, the Holy One of God, looking into my eyes and forgiving my sins so that they mean nothing to Him. He will embrace me and welcome me into His Kingdom. All the judgements against me are nailed to the cross. Colossians 2:14
     If love is the most precious thing, it necessarily follows that refusing to be reconciled is the most treacherous thing. Those who refuse and continue to justify their refusal will have no mercy. They did not show it, and they will not receive it. They closed the door on others, not knowing that they closed the door on themselves. The law that they point to is the only law they will know. James 2:13