William and Gina
     Let’s look at the story of “William and Gina.” I met “William” in the summer of 1997. He was already separated from his wife, “Gina,” and talking about divorce. None of the warehouse guys seemed to care whether he got a divorce or not.
     One day a lady at the front desk told him that divorce would hurt his baby. She pointed out to him that if he divorced, his little girl would be caught in the middle. That’s when I first got the nerve to tell him that they should get back together. I told him that he should look at the things that brought him and Gina together in the first place. He was open and listened.
     Gina was still causing trouble, but William was holding out. She was mean to him, she committed adultery with more than one man, and William’s friends teased him for giving her so many chances.
     One of my best friends, Rich, shared the apartment with William at that time. William told Rich that if Gina ever decided to come back, Rich would have to go. Gina still had a key, and she would go in when no one was around and use the phone. One month, she created a bill of 200 dollars. William disconnected the phone.
     Another ugly problem began to show its presence. Gina started to go deep into witchcraft, using it to gain power and control over her life and over the people in her life. She was a young pretty girl, but with witchcraft this young girl became something to fear. At times, William couldn’t look her in the eye.
     Although we worked at the same place, I talked to William only on occasion. That changed late in 1998. At this point I worked close to him. We talked to each other a lot.
     William contacted a lawyer. He filled out the papers and told Gina he was ready for divorce. Ironically, it was at this time that he started to talk about Jesus. He told me that he believed in Jesus and couldn’t understand why the other guys didn’t.
     I believe it was February 2, 1999 that he officially accepted Jesus. He went to Gina and told her that Jesus had changed his life. He said he forgave her for everything, and he asked her to forgive him for the things he had done to her.
     She said, “We can work things out.”
     He said, “I forgive you, but I don’t love you anymore.”