Chapter 13: Love
The gospel of love
     A man pursues a woman according to the gospel he believes in. I need not mention that he ought to. I simply say that he does. Regardless of what he says, his actions tell her what is really in his heart.
     Everyone knows deep down inside what love is, but our behavior does not match the standard that love requires. We saw the real thing when we were young, but when we grew older, we settled for less. We knew there was something pure and priceless, a promise that could never be broken, but we lost our faith.
     The truth is there for anyone to take. Whoever desires it will find it.
     This book is for those who want to win. Some fight in such a way that they will lose, and some fight to win. Whoever believes is destined to win. Just as we were destined to fall short of the standard, those who believe these things are destined to win.
     All of life is relationships. It is all we think about and all we do.
     A man who knows the gospel can only benefit from a relationship. He comes out with more than he had going in. The more he loses, the more he gains. The more trials he endures, the more his love proves itself true.
     Take the most nonreligious man, and watch what happens when he falls in love. Watch what he does. He returns to the ideals that he knew as a child. All of the special things that he stopped caring about come to life again. No one needs to tell him the rules; they come naturally. He gladly follows the law written in his heart.
     God uses a woman to bring out the best and worst in a man. She shakes his world and makes him rethink his life. She is the one he wants to see. She is the one he wants to avoid. He opens himself up so that he can be hurt. He tries to impress her and makes a fool of himself. He can only win.
     She brings out his best, showing him a potential that he never saw before. She brings out his worst, showing something evil inside him that must be conquered. Through the best and the worst, he can only win.