Our tax money at work
     The current education system has become so effective in promoting secularist ideology that the church in America is now in danger. According to Barna Research, of children from Christian homes who attend public school through the twelfth grade, about 70% will end up leaving the church.
     Bruce Shortt said in his book, The Harsh Truth
about Public Schools, “The ‘little red schoolhouse’ has effectively become a pagan seminary nurturing our children in alien creeds. This, in turn, is transforming our families, our churches, our culture, and our society.” When children become consistent with the ideology behind these teachings, they see no reason to stay with the church.
     People don’t realize this, because it is all done in the name of religious “neutrality.” Most of those who fight against Christianity do not realize what they are doing, because they genuinely believe that “secular” is neutral. They teach children a history that ignores or contradicts the Bible. They teach scientific “facts” that contradict the teachings of Scripture.
     A reporter asked Ken Ham if he was unhappy that the public schools had thrown out religion. He explained that the schools did not throw out religion. Rather, they replaced a God-centered worldview with a view that teaches that we can explain everything without God. When the Christian perspective is banned, all subjects are to be taught from a godless, man-centered perspective.
     When children graduate, they take those humanistic thoughts into every area of society, producing an increasingly ungodly culture. Look at how popular music has become so secular. There is rarely a reference to God or Jesus. Now look at how secular music is becoming more foul and more un-Christian in its content. The same has happened to movies and television. People in the workplace rarely speak of God, but they often use his name in vain. Some people think that there is a law against promoting one’s religious views in the workplace. There is not . . . yet.
     Next time you see people promoting immoral lifestyles, consider that our taxpayer-funded system promotes an ideology that fuels such movements. Next time you see signs of moral decay in our society, consider it your tax money at work.