defining “good”
Value meaning purpose morality ethics
    If God is the source of value, he defines “good.” We don’t like that though. We want to determine good for ourselves.
     Daniel C. Maguire says, “When we call something immoral, we mean to say that it is incompatible with humanity. Conversely, that which is truly fulfilling of our humanity is moral.” This sounds nice, but if “humanity” defines morality, we have a problem. Mankind is incompatible with their own humanity. I certainly agree that morality fulfills our humanity and that immorality works toward our own destruction, but such is the result of keeping or breaking the law that God wrote in our hearts.
Proverbs 11:19
     This is the Humanists’ fallacy: to recognize a standard but to deny the only real explanation for it. They don’t want God to make the rules. They work hard to overlook what stands in clear view. God has a preference for his law, and this determines morality, because he is the standard.