human evolution is a fact
     We also need to explain the evolutionists’ recapitulation argument. Supposedly, a developing human being reenacts the story of evolution. This would seem to indicate that all life started by accident and simply evolved into complex forms.
     Now, it is a fact that in every human life a one-celled organism evolves into a complex multi-celled organism. That’s simply a fact. I even admit without qualms that this sounds similar to the story of evolution. However, I do see some flaws here.
     Look at those bumps on the embryo’s neck. Evolutionists say that they’re gills left over from when we were fish. They’re actually folds of skin. I’m not sure why they look like that, but I know that it’s a scientist’s imagination that makes them out to be gills.
     The tail. Sure, we could call that a tail. Eventually, it develops into what we can call a “tail bone.” Ironically, it enables us humans to walk upright. If you injure your tail bone, you won’t be able to walk as well. Is it a left-over from when we were animals? One’s imagination might say so. Science does not.
     How else would God design and develop a human life? Think of suggestions. Perhaps a human zygote should take a miniature form of an adult and then simply grow bigger and bigger. Perhaps a human being should split in two like an amoeba. Any way you answer, you’re dealing with philosophy, not science.
     This is an excellent example of how two perspectives can look at the same data and produce two different conclusions. It also shows how scientists tend to mix naturalistic assumptions into their studies and state their philosophical beliefs as scientific fact.