What is a person?
     A popular argument for the pro-choice side involves the question of whether a preborn human is a person. Frank Zindler says, “The possession of forty-six chromosomes does not make a cell a person.”
     When we speak of a person, we might think of someone physically walking around. In some contexts the word “person” does refer to one’s physical existence. I think of a policeman describing what was found on someone’s “person.”
     However, the primary definition of person pertains to one’s mental ability. Particularly in philosophy, it indicates that a being is self-aware. John Locke described it this way; a person has reason and reflection and can see himself as the same being in different times and different places.
     Practically speaking, a fetus does not attain this level of mental capacity. That is, the fetus is not aware of itself. It does not make sense to treat a fetus as a person if it is not a person.