a rational look
    When I told someone that I wanted to take a rational approach to the abortion issue, she said, “Oh, then you’re pro-choice.”  Pro-choicers see their view as the more rational view, because they favor a “choice.”
     However, allowing for more options does not make a view more rational. The rationality of a view depends on its premise. If my premise supports my conclusion, my approach is rational. If I have a reason to oppose abortion, it is irrational for me to support it.
     Faith determines one’s position. Theists believe that God gives value to every human life. Humanists believe that we determine our own value.
     Humanists start from a different premise, and that leads to a different conclusion. They have a different worldview with presuppositions, which include these four =
1- Conception (biological) can happen by accident.
2- Human life changes in worth (This is the quality of life view).
3- Human beings create their value and purpose.
4- Human choice determines morality.