the current situation
     Western society tolerates abortion. Those who support abortion do so because they believe it is necessary. They believe that prohibiting abortion would make society  more miserable.
     The majority of the pro-choice movement acknowledges that something is lost when a woman chooses abortion, but they believe that society is better off allowing it. The minority of the pro-choice movement believes, “No harm done.” I’m glad to see that many pro-choice people recognize that something valuable is lost in abortion and that it will be a good day when fewer people choose it.
     Pro-choice means pro “choice.” People who support abortion as an option do not usually “like” abortion. You will find a few out there who talk about abortion as a good thing, a great “right” which advances the status of women, but most pro-choicers see it as an unfortunate necessity. They believe that we should prevent crisis pregnancies from occuring, but we should also leave the option of abortion for those who have no better alternative. According to the pro-choice view, if a woman chooses abortion, she has her reasons, and we are all better off if she has that right.
     It’s easy to understand.  When a woman finds herself with a crisis pregnancy, she does not want to think about having a child.  She might not have the money or the effort to be a mother.  The father might not be loving or helpful.  She might be starting college or a career. An unexpected pregnancy changes everything.  She wants to turn back the clock.
     Still, this proves my point that she is not autonomous. The more she tries to be independent, the more environmental forces close in on her.