church and state
     I see another attempt to find neutrality in the issue of separating church and state. Some people believe that the state ought to restrict religious practices under the guise of neutrality.
     I understand that we live in a pluralistic society, but I also understand that every government is built on a system of belief. Either God is the highest authority, or the state is. One’s belief or disbelief of God determines one’s view of civil government.
     We live in a free country because of our faith, not in spite of it. Our faith tells us what kind of freedom to pursue. It tells us the purpose of government and its proper size and scope. It tells us what kinds of laws to make and how to enforce them. We cannot create or change laws apart from ultimate truth.
     We believe in religious freedom because of our religion. Some religions teach tolerance, and some do not. Tolerance is not a neutral idea. Tolerance is a belief.
     This does not bring the church and state debate to a conclusion. Even with this understanding, there will remain questions for specific situations. This simply makes the issue clearer.