Chapter 3: Truth or Neutrality
     The western world makes a false dichotomy between “heart” knowledge and “head” knowledge, faith and reason. We think that some issues are personal and exempt from rational debate and that other issues are factual and exempt from personal bias. We are wrong on both accounts.
     We send our children to church to learn how to love God and each other, and we send our children to state-funded schools to learn that we evolved by random processes. We try to base morality on blind faith while understanding the physical world with naturalist philosophy. This is phony on both accounts.
     I don’t deny the distinction. I understand that head knowledge pertains to the rational thoughts that are true regardless of how we feel about them while heart knowledge refers to the ideas as they relate to us personally.
intellectual knowledge, we relate ideas to each other. We separate ourselves from an issue to get a more objective view of it.
personal knowledge we go deeper, relating those ideas to ourselves. We relate them to our will, deciding whether we like these ideas, whether we want them to be true, and how we want to apply them to our lives. This makes it personal and emotional. 
     Look at the two columns. One I relate to faith, and the other to reason.
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        Faith                        Reason 
         heart                          head
          will                           mind
personal knowledge  intellectual knowledge
subjective feelings       objective thought
     Let’s demolish the dichotomy.
         Knowledge is personal.
           Opinion is rational.