The search begins . . .
     All knowledge comes from one place, and it points us back to the beginning. There is one source, one starting point, one ultimate reason for everything, one objective standard. “Objective” means true in and of itself, independently authoritative.
     Where do we look to know the value of life? The western world presents three answers, but there can only be one. Some people appeal to themselves, some appeal to the cosmos, and some appeal to God. Let’s see.

(1)  Do we get value from ourselves?

     Many people look to themselves as the source of value. If we are the source of our own value, we are the standard. As Protagoras said, “Man is the measure of all things:”
     How can we be the source of value? We didn’t know that we were coming until after we showed up.
     Those who trust in themselves for their own value want to believe that life holds value, because it feels good to think so. This view is not valid, because feelings are indicators, not determiners, of truth. My feelings reflect what I believe in my heart; they do not prove my beliefs true.
     Feelings are like mirrors, reflecting our hearts. If the truth is in our hearts, our feelings reflect the truth, but feelings do not make it true. Intuitions might lead us to the truth, but they do not make it so. The truth is true before we get to it, whether or not we do get to it. If I love a lie, my warm feelings reflect my devotion to a lie.
     If I say that I am the standard, I have no case for reason. I can only make statements; I cannot relate the statements to anything outside of myself. I cannot test my thoughts.
     The value of life is a law as certain as any law of logic or physics. We discovered it; we did not invent it; we certainly did not create it. If we made it up, it would be imaginary, a story of make-believe whose only purpose is to make us feel good. Drugs can make us feel good, and they can kill us. When a man commits suicide, does that prove that his life lost its value?
     Human life holds value whether we believe it or not. It does not depend on us. The value is in us, but we didn’t put it there. The source is outside of us.