Graphic design
Low-res samples
magazine covers
These posters look even better in print.
Here is a patriotic theme, using the last stanza of our National Anthem.
A lot of people don’t realize that it has four stanzas. The last one is a sort of grand finale.
The “photo” is a drawing I did for an art class in 1986. My teacher was Rebecca Plotts. She taught me how to see shapes and to recognize lights and darks.
This was an actual convention in 2005, but the poster was for a class assignment. The top two pictures are my own creations from 1987. The first I did with pastel. I was in nineth grade, and I entered it in a contest. The second I did with pencil, and I recently colored it in with Photoshop. The bottom two are invid “mechs” from the Robotech series. I did them in the late 90s, early zeros.
This poster is based on an art exhibit promoting Paul Klee of Bauhaus fame.