The Source of Freedom
     Christians believe that rights come from God, not man. Job 36:6 mentions that God “gives the afflicted their rights.” Isaiah says, “Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people, making widows their prey and robbing the fatherless.” (Isaiah 10:2)  If human government were the final authority, we couldn’t speak of unjust laws. The prophet Isaiah charged the rulers for breaking the higher law of God.
     The concept of “inalienable rights” is inherently theistic. If a state created rights, it would have the authority to take them away. Only with a higher authority can we speak of “inalienable” rights.
     These two views are mutually exclusive. A right given by God excludes a state from ignoring his authority. A right created by the state excludes the sovereignty of God. Either a state acknowledges a higher authority or denies it by default.
     In a secular state, God is limited to churches, religious places, and the privacy of the home. In other words, the state does not treat him as God. A secular state allows each citizen to believe in his own personal god but not the Sovereign ruler of nations.
Psalm 67:4
     A secular state gives us the right to believe in God as long as we don’t really believe that he is in charge of anything. The state will be the giver of rights, and God can step aside. It is okay for people to believe in “God” as long as they don’t believe in God.
     In a secular state, any law that Christians propose on the basis of their beliefs is declared “religious” and therefore unconstitutional. This ensures that the government only makes laws which comply with the humanist worldview. Humanists will have free reign to make laws contrary to Christian beliefs.
     Humanists fight against Christianity under the guise of neutrality. They’re like a man holding a peace sign in one hand and firing a gun with the other. They claim to be neutral to “religion” as they shoot down everything that Christians believe in. Ultimately they want the biggest gun, the United States government, to promote this hypocrisy. Most of them do not really see that they are opposing Christianity, because they truly believe that this is somehow neutral.
     The Humanists’ strategy is clear. First, declare the civil government neutral to God, and second, grow the size and scope of the government into all areas of life. It’s ironic, because first they declare the state neutral to God, and then the state becomes the most central authority in our lives.
     A nation that ignores God enslaves itself to the state. When Americans saw their freedom as a gift from God, they didn’t depend so much on the state. The more that they ignore God today, the more the state takes his place. It’s not a question of God or no god. It’s a question of which god: Jehovah or the secular state?
     Our religious freedom did not come from a politician. Religious freedom in America and the rest of the western world came from the teachings of Christ. Jesus teaches Christians a faith for all of life, and he requires them to share their faith with others. Because of this duty, the state cannot infringe on that right. That right points to a higher authority. 
     If Jesus had taught a secularist keep-it-to-yourself kind of faith, we would not have the same kind of freedom. Instead the state would focus on protecting a person’s right to avoid religion and to limit people influencing each other’s views. If I were an atheist I would not like to hear political leaders make reference to God. By acknowledging God, a government implicitly or explicitly denies secular humanism. The lie of humanist politics is that a government can consciously ignore God without denying him.
     The number one liberty of a nation is the right to acknowledge God in every area of life. I have been to many places, and I have spoken to people about God freely and without trouble. I try not to take this for granted.
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